Warm Up to ROWE

Warm Up to ROWE Course now available!

Not ready to invest in On-site ROWE training or get your entire organization subscribed to the Go ROWE Online System with ongoing support? We get it. So we’ve created a $40 warm-up session for managers to get prepared for ROWE implementation (10% off here for website visitors!).

The How to Get Employees To Manage Themselves course will help you re-examine your role as a manager, and your relationships with the people who work for you. Getting people to manage themselves requires taking steps that will raise the level of accountability for every single person in your organization, and increase the level of competence required to get the real work done – simply by changing key behaviors. 

This course is for:

  • People managers
  • Small business owners
  • MBA students
  • Business leaders

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Hear what Cali Ressler has to say about the course.  

GO ROWE Online System® + Support

Subscribe to the online modules, discussion guides, and unlimited email support that will ensure your organization is on the right path to creating a Results-Only Work Environment™.  Your subscription will give you unlimited access to training in the areas of: 

  • Outcome-based goal-setting
  • Productive, effective communication and collaboration skills
  • Proven techniques that eliminate waste and inefficiencies 
  • Conflict resolution both at the team level and between managers and employees
  • Productive meeting strategies

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""To prepare for our transition into a ROWE™ workplace, all employees of 97th Floor completed an in-depth series of online courses and discussion provided by CultureRx.  Each employee was then given a test to ensure that as an organization we'd be successful at implementing this new - and very important - aspect of our culture.  We passed with flying colors and are now operating as a fully certified ROWE company!"

--Wayne Sleight, Chief Operating Officer, 97th Floor